Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Installing skype

I tried to install skype yesterday. It's a nightmare.
  1. Follow "Get skype" link
  2. Follow "Get skype for windows" link
  3. Follow "Download skype" (3rd page and it still does not start!!!)
  4. Site says something like: "You must login/register" WAT?!?
  5. Forgotten your password?
  6. Follow mail link
  7. Enter new password
  8. I enter something like "ExtrAComp1ic4t3dPassvvorD1234"
  9. Site says something like: "Your password is too weak"
  10. I enter "ExtrAComp1ic4t3dPassvvorD1"
  11. Site says something like:"You can download now."
gg skype

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